Image of what a Google search result might look like if someon did a search on

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to help students find online information from your department. SEO helps Google search, SIRI, mobile apps, internet browsers and other tools find relevant information.


  • DIY fixes for department pages on
    • Update Abstracts and Titles to help consumers find your webpages easier.
    • Use alternative text for each image on your website. 
    • Include keywords or phrases on your website that someone might type into Google to find your department. An example might be:
      • Admissions webpage
        • Prospective students might start a Google search for "apply to BYU-Idaho" or "application for BYU-Idaho" or "admissions process for BYU-Idaho"
        • Include some of these key phrases or words such as "apply to BYU-Idaho" on your webpage to increase the ability for Google and students to find your webpage.

  • Email the Search Team or call ext. 2053 for additional SEO help from University Relations with the following:
    • Request a report for your site (example report)
    • Determining keywords and popular keywords (using Google Keyword Planner and university website reports)
    • Consultation for your website regarding title tags, meta descriptions, alt. image attributes, backlinks, broken links, url redirects, website rendering or load issues with mobile devices, and symantic mark up.
    • Adding free custom search ads, shown below in gray, which display at the top of the result list when students use the search tool.
Image showing a search result example on with a top result in a gray box.