Image of computer with analytic graphs

In 2018, had over 40 million visits. Analytics can tell you how many visits are happening on your department's site and how well your website is performing. Knowing this data can assist you in understanding your audience's behavior and what pages are most important to them.


  • Understand:
    • How many visits each web page gets. As a result, learn about what pages could be deleted or need to be changed to get more views.
    • Where your visitors live. Are they in Rexburg, Utah, or Brazil? Knowing this information can help you consider where you should place more of your marketing efforts, do focus groups, or adjust your site for their needs.
    • What other websites are linking to your site. You may find that certain groups aren't linking to your site that should be.
    • How many visitors use mobile devices or certain web browsers and then adjust your site accordingly.
    • How effective an ad on Facebook or other advertisements were for your department.
    • And so much more.
  • View live dashboards and other communication reports.

  • Request custom reports or consultation for your department's website.