Our Purpose

As the Student Representative Council we seek to develop school culture and represent the voice of the students by actively participating in administrative councils, understanding the current desires of students, and building disciple leaders.

How We Fulfill Our Mission?

  • We actively participate in administrative councils
  • Conduct surveys in order to understand the needs and interests of students
  • Hold focus groups under the direction of the SRC Director and the Dean of Students regarding issues within the university
  • Work alongside Student Living on projects that help to develop a school culture
  • Act as a communicator between the administration and the student body
  • Seek to develop disciple leaders through providing service and leadership opportunities
SRC reps giving services

Picture of the a group of mentors sitting

Becoming a Council Member

The Student Representative Council is not an elected group of students, instead council members are asked to go through an interview process. Council interviews are held at the end of each semester and will be advertised through our social media pages. Previous council members must re-interview if they desire to be on the Student Representative Council for the next semester. This way we are able to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to be a part of the SRC.


Picture of a group of students wearing aprons

Volunteer with Us

Email SRC to find out how you can volunteer with us. We will respond promptly to our volunteer information. 

SRC Newsletter

SRC News Letter July 2020

Regardless of the uniqueness of this semester, we have heard your voice through surveys designed to help unify the student organizations and their leaders...