What impact can my love for God have on my relationships with my roommates?

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"'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself' (Matthew 22:37-38). Mark concludes the account with the Savior's statement: 'There is none other commandment greater than these' (Mark 12:31). We cannot truly love God if we do not love our fellow travelers on this mortal journey. Likewise, we cannot fully love our fellowmen if we do not love God, the Father of us all" (President Thomas S. Monson, "Love—the Essence of the Gospel," Ensign, May 2014).

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Prepare yourself spiritually

What does it mean to love God? How is loving God a necessary and powerful foundation for loving our roommates? When has your love for God helped you love someone else?Prayerfully study the following scriptures and resources. What will inspire your roommates and fellow ward members to love God and their roommates?

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Begin the learning experience

Choose from these ideas or think of your own to introduce this lesson:

  • Watch together "The Greatest Commandment." Why do you think the two greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbor? How are these commandments related?
  • Read President Monson's quote found at the beginning of this lesson. Discuss the key principles presented in this quote and how they relate to apartment life.
  • Sing together "Love One Another" (Hymns, no. 308). Invite group members to share what the words of this hymn mean to them.
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Learn together

Each of the activities below can help Home Evening group members learn how they can build Zion in their apartments. Following the inspiration of the Spirit, select one or more that will work best for the group.

  • Read together 4 Nephi 1:15-16. What contributed most to the state of the people at this particular period of time? What impact can our love for God have on our relationships with our roommates? Share your testimony of how loving your roommates is a natural extension of your love for God.
  • If the first "Begin the learning experience" activity was not already used, watch "The Greatest Commandment" and read together 1 John 4:20-21. Ask group members to consider an apartment in which the two great commandments are genuinely observed. What does this apartment look and feel like? How would you describe the interaction among roommates? What can you do now and throughout the semester to create and foster an apartment environment in which love for God and love for roommates prevails?
  • As a group, watch or listen to the first 3:19 of President Thomas S. Monson's address, "Love—the Essence of the Gospel." How is the Savior the perfect example of love? How do group members manifest their love for God in their apartment? How can they cultivate a more sincere and genuine love for God?
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Live what we are learning

A lesson is not complete until an invitation or challenge is extended that inspires and motivates participants to apply what they have learned. "It's in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals" (Thomas S. Monson, "A Royal Priesthood," Ensign, Nov. 2007, 59-61).

  • Ask group members to consider their relationship with Heavenly Father and to write down something they will do this week in their apartment to show their love for God.
  • Invite members of the group to pray for the gift of love (see Moroni 7:48).