Common Ground

Exhibition Dates: Jan. 14 – Feb. 24, 2022

The title “Common Ground” refers to the collaboration of 42 artists. Their commonality was born of a prescribed prompt or “ground” donated by acclaimed artist and master printer, Wayne Kimball a retired art professor at Brigham Young University. Although Wayne did not choose the participating artists, most are in some way connected to him and his technical process. This show allows us a rare glimpse into the influence of one of America’s greatest living artists.

In 2019, Wayne had spent weeks detailing and hand-printing the image below in an edition of 50 color lithographic prints. The process entails the masterful registration of multiple matrices and the use of two of his iconic images; a nose-less stone head and a chair (or pieces of chairs), just a few of the serial and cryptic subjects common to his work. The prints sat for months in a tidy stack on his work table, unsigned and untitled when his son Abe Kimball pressed the issue. Wayne then produced his own collaged version of the print and thus, began a discussion of using the multiple impressions as a substrate to collaborate with other artists.

With Wayne’s generous consent, participating artists were each given a print and invited to interpret, alter, and integrate the print into their own work, as a dialogue with Wayne’s imagery. The most common response to the invitation was an incredulous, “You want me to cut up a Wayne Kimball?” Each artist eventually embraced the challenge to collaborate with the master. This exhibit embraces a diversity of formal decisions, media, materials, interplay, symbolism, and personal influences. With the help of willing colleagues, Abe Kimball has managed to curate this show at two other locations in Utah.

We hope you enjoy this exhibit!

Gallery hours:
Monday – Friday 9 AM – 8 PM
Sat. 10 AM – 8 PM
Sun. Closed