Having a part-time job while in college can be difficult, but many students find a way to make ends meet.

Three students, in particular, Jared Braganza from Plymouth City, England, Juan Brambila from Los Angeles, California and Jenna Ray from Sequim, Washington have an interesting job on BYU-Idaho's campus, window washing. 

Juan Brambila washing windows.

"I saw (the position) on the job board and said, 'Hey, that looks like a pretty fun job,' and it's really fun, we just go around washing windows," said Braganza.

The three call themselves the "J-Crew" because their names all start with the letter J. They began washing windows at the beginning of the semester for about four hours a day Monday through Friday. They use many hoses, a long pole with a brush on the end and a special machine while cleaning each window. 

"So the machine, it purifies the water so that it doesn't leave and streaks on the window," said Ray. 

The brush they use to is attached to a long fiberglass pole with a hose that shoots water onto the window. 

"We have up to 10 poles that are high enough to reach any building on campus basically," said Braganza. "That's the only tool we have, without it we are not the window washing crew."

There are more than 30 buildings on campus and who knows how many windows. Each spring semester and summer session the window washing crew cleans every window twice.