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The Whoopee Days Rodeo is a tradition for many in Madison County.

"The Whoopee Days Rodeo has been around for over 90 years," said Rick Sutton, a member of the Madison County Fair Board who's over the rodeo. "The Whoopee Days Rodeo has been a big tradition in Madison County for a long time."

The rodeo features events like bareback riding, team roping, steer wrestling, and bull riding. There will also be a variety of food trucks in attendance.

Sutton said it's a great way to remember older generations who participated in these events in their day to day lives. 

"For somebody that's never been to the rodeo I think these kind of things that happen at the rodeo are the way things took place back in the old days before we had all of our modern technology," said Sutton.

The rodeo is June 30 and July 1 at 7 pm at the Madison County Fairgrounds. More information can be found on their website

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