Two BYU-Idaho business students brainstormed what Rexburg needed and came up with a new food truck idea.

When Clarke Jackson and Garett Hunt became roommates a year ago, they discovered they were both business majors. Immediately they decided to open a business together. After winning some money in an Entrepreneurship competition and studying other local food trucks, Waffle Works was born.

Waffle Works features a familiar breakfast food with a twist. They serve waffles on a stick, Belgium waffles, waffle bites, and more. Jackson said their waffles on a stick are their most popular.

"After coming up with waffles we got a little more creative," said Hunt. "We are obviously are kind of known for our waffles on a stick and they have fillings cooked inside of them. It's pretty unique."

There are many options for fillings including chocolate chip, Oreo, cinnamon crème cheese, strawberry and a crowd favorite, Nutella.

"We have a huge variety," said Jackson. "Lots of people love Nutella, so anything with Nutella."

Although waffles are typically a breakfast item, Waffle Works claims they specialize in extremely filling dessert waffles.

"They're thicker, like dough. It's not like that batter type. Those batter type, you can down those things like crazy, Garett and I probably could eat like ten between the two of us," said Jackson. "These are a dough, so it's thicker, it's more like a meal."

Waffle Works is located in front of Splatters War Zone on S 2nd East and are open Monday through Saturday from 3-9 pm. More information can be found on their Facebook page

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