It's been several weeks since Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and several other natural disasters rocked several parts of the world and one organization is streamlining the clean-up process.

"Crisis Cleanup is a free, open-source platform that connects volunteers with survivors that need help," Aaron Titus, executive director of Crisis Cleanup told BYU-Idaho Radio.

Titus said the most recent string of natural disasters is a good example of what he experienced during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. As organizations came in to help the victims of the storm, Titus found himself standing in volunteer lines, watching his fellow volunteers playing games on their phones while they waited hours to be checked-in and assigned to a project. 

"I didn't have an "ah-ha moment," I had an "uh-oh moment," Titus said. "It would take an hour and a half to get checked in...and the technologist in me knew that with a little bit of technology, I could get checked-in in 30 seconds instead of three hours."

Now, through Crisis Cleanup, victims can submit their homes or other projects for volunteers to claim and groups can go directly to the places where they're needed most, without spending hours signing paperwork or waiting to get checked-in through a volunteer non-profit. 

You can listen to the full interview below.