Are you guilty of asking saying, "there's nothing to do in Rexburg" or some variation on the phrase? Well, The Spot has you covered.

This week's episode features fun things to do in the Snake River Plain especially if you're on a budget.

Some of those activities feature the beauty that this area holds. Whether you're sleding the slopes of the Sand Dunes or taking a warm dip in Lava Hot Springs, there is an affordable activity for anyone looking for something fun to do over the three day weekend.

Our hosts also share put into perspective the importance of getting out and finding adventure. There won't always be a parade that will come knocking on your door. If you go out and seek adventure, however, you will be surprised at the fun you can have while going out and exploring new things to do.

The human body and mind can take watching Netflix or playing video games for so long before they just get burnt out. The hosts share their experiences of how they were tired of the routine activities so they decided to go out and do something new. When they did, they found that they had more fun going out and making an adventure for themselves rather than just staying inside and not seeing the outside world.

Life is as good as you make it. So take the opportunity to go out and make the adventure for yourself this three day weekend and seize the day.