Do you want to pay someone to scare you? Well going to haunted houses during this Halloween season will do the trick, but one haunted house that should get your attention is the theater of the lost souls in Shelley Idaho. They have been scaring people for many years with a story of a young girl who was trapped in the theater and never seen again. As you go through the theater you will be tested on what your biggest fears are. You will encounter creepy dolls, clowns, chainsaws, and many other terrifying creatures. The Virginia Theater was built 100 years ago by a fan of picture films, but its old age is not All that makes this theater creepy.

There are plenty of stories that get people convinced that the place is actually haunted, some guests, volunteers, and others said they even think they saw some paranormal beings. Go find out yourself and see if this all could be true!

They are open from the 6th to the 31st of October, excluding Sundays. The doors open at 7 pm each night and close at 9:30 during the week and at 11 pm from the 6th to the 14th but will close at 10 pm on Halloween.

Admission prices are per person, and wristbands are available to skip the ticket lines if you would like to see both the theater and the hospital, Monday-Thursday tickets are $9 or wristband for $17. Friday and Saturday tickets are $10 or wristbands for $20. 

For more information on the theater of the lost souls, visit their website at lostsoulsattractions.com.

Student reporter Katie Eldredge, endured through the haunting for BYU-Idaho Radio's Scare Week.

Check out her story on the link below.