There's a lot happening in the Idaho legislature this year, including an upcoming vacancy in the house by Rep. Dell Raybould (R) of Dist. 34, seat B. Raybould, who has served as a representative since 2000 and participated in a total of 17 legislative sessions, announced on January 17 that he would not be seeking re-election after his current (9th) term. 

Originally, there was only one other candidate running for the seat. Elaine King, a Sugar City resident, announced on Dec. 3 her run against Rep. Raybould. After Raybould announced his leave, however, he included his personal endorsement for his granddaughter, Britt Raybould, in the run. She announced officially the next day (Jan. 18).

"She dedicates herself 100% to everything she does, and I know she'll make an excellent representative for District 34," Raybould said. "She has my full support and endorsement."

Britt Raybould is a graduate of Boise State University and Westminster College with degrees in Communication and English. In addition, she is the CFO of Raybould Brothers Farms and has started her own consulting business. She told BYU-Idaho Radio she plans to bring her educational, business and agricultural background to the table in her run for the seat.

"I realize that in a few generations from now it won't be difficult for somebody to say they don't know who a farmer is anymore," Raybould said. "I feel like there is a need within our district to continue to represent the interests of not only what's going on in agriculture, but also the interests of anyone within our district who is looking to start their own business, who wants to be able to stay in Idaho and raise their families and have jobs that provide them with the income they need to support those families."

In spite of her qualifications, there has been question (albeit minimal) of the legitimacy of her candidacy based on her relation to Rep. Dell Raybould, her grandfather. She acknowledged to BYU-Idaho Radio the positive influence of her grandparents in her life, but reaffirmed her personal qualifications.

"Take a look at my background," Raybould said. "Listen to what I have to say on the issues. Understand that I have no expectations on election day other than that I will have my vote, and hopefully I have my grandparents vote too. I did not enter this race lightly. I take it seriously. It's a big responsibility and I have every confidence that I will be able to make the case by May 15 that I am not only qualified to serve in district 34 but that I'm the best choice for our constituents."

You can listen to the full interview below.