The Winter Olympics are starting to wind down.

The medals are starting to be passed out, the curling brushes being hung up and the bobsleds being waxed for one last time.

But it doesn't have to end when all the athletes leave Pyeongchang. You can relive the magic of the Olympics on repeat as you listen to "The Spot" as the host's this week discuss the Olympics. Which means you never have to lose the magic of the Winter Olympics.

Sure you could just go to "YouTube" to watch the highlights on youtube. But Wouldn't you want to hear some familiar voices chatting about the Olympics instead of some fancy announces who use terms and talk above your or mine understanding.

You're not interested in that. What you're looking for is something more organic, closer to your hip young age and full of friends interrupting one another. That is what makes a podcast work.

So hop off of "Youtube" and ignore those tweets about scores and grab some friends and enjoy the podcast that is "The Spot"