The National Parks Places

The National Parks came back to Rexburg for another show, Friday, September 22.

The show marks the second time the band has come back to perform in Rexburg in 2017, but the band's lead singer, Brady Parks says coming back is like coming home.

"Rexburg is one of those places that we walk off the stage and just feel like it's complete magic and that has to do with the amount of support and fans and the energy that the fans bring with them to the show," Brady Parks, lead singer for The National Parks, told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Rexburg also feels like it's our home crowd even though it's not where we're based out of. The shows here are just really big and really fun and you can't really get that a lot of other places where you go and play."

Parks says the band is based out of Provo, but Rexburg was one of the first places to really embrace their music after a small-town performance at a local restaurant. Now, the band boasts three albums and thousands of fans. 

"Our first very folky, singer, songwriter type music," Parks said. "' Until I Lived grew to a bigger, fuller sound, kind of like Indie Pop with folk and... Places kind of just continues on that trajectory."

Parks says the big payoff comes when he realizes how the band's music has helped and inspired their fans.

"A song for me starts off as like an idea that happened to me personally," Parks said. "To watch it grow, to watch it affect others is something like I can't even comprehend and I'm super grateful for."

You can listen to the full interview below.