For children in the Idaho Falls and Rexburg area, My Princess Party of Idaho is a dream come true. Children who want to meet their favorite Disney princesses don't need to travel miles to a theme park, according to Carmen Taylor, a resident of Rigby, Idaho. She got the idea after visiting a theme park and waiting for just under an hour so that her little girl could meet her favorite Disney princess for a few seconds before being whisked away.

"We left wondering, ‘How do we make it so our kids can have a fun experience with a princess without it being so expensive and such a long wait?' " Carmen said. "We just didn't want the magic to be taken away."

For Carmen, My Princess Party of Idaho was the answer. With her business, parents can have a Disney princess (or two) come right to their home on their child's birthday for an hour or more for one-on-one and small party interaction, crafts, activities, pictures, and questions. For Carmen, this seemed like a better way to make a child's dream come true.

"Some of them have opened that door and cried tears of joy," Carmen said. "They feel this is so real, and it's kind of like magic. They're just so joyful and it's fun to see that and it's fun to put a smile on a child's face."

Carmen explained the actresses are all BYU-Idaho students who auditioned. They dress the part and do their research so they can answer any of the questions the children at these parties may have. To learn more about My Princess Party of Idaho, visit their Facebook page.

You can listen to the full interview below.