What makes a house haunted? At the Haunted Mill in Teton, Idaho the family has their own stories that led them to decide to make the old flour mill a haunted attraction.

Holly Francis is on the board of directors for the Haunted Mill. She says the mill has been in the family.

"My family has either owned the mill or been a part owner of the mill since it was built," Francis said.

Some of the original gear used to grind flour is still in place inside the mill. Francis said when she and her siblings where teenagers they would sometimes talk about their own experiences with the mill. Francis used to walk to school past the mill and when she would look up she would often find a man watching her from the third story window.

"My dad said there is no way anyone can watch you from there, so he took us up there and there was equipment there in the third story window,' Francis said. "You shouldn't be able to be there."

Her brother snuck out one night and when going past the mill saw the inside light up "like a disco tech" but there was no electricity in the building at the time.

Often the actors working at the mill will ask Francis which of the legends listed on the website are real because they swear they can hear someone talking to them. 

One girl I talked to enjoyed going through the mill so much she had come the night before and was back for round two. She said she hadn't expected it to be very scary because she has been to so many, but once the first person jumped out at her, she said she was just done. 

The Haunted Mill is in the town of Teton, take U.S. Highway 33 to Teton, turn north at the gas station "Go-C-Go" and look for the Haunted Mill sign on the right side of the road.