For the First time in a year, the Experimental Breeder Reactor Atomic Museum will be open. Tours are being given in honor of the town of Arco’s “Atomic Days” celebration.  

Shelly Norman, a tour guide for Idaho National Laboratory, said that visitors of the museum will be able to see and learn about four different reactors and will even be able to enter one of the labs early hot cells which is protected by 34 layers of leaded glass. She also said that visitors can use an app called “Travel Stories” which provides on-demand tours while visitors are driving through the desert.  

“The GPS on your phone will trigger it…and it tells you what you’re driving past. And when you get inside EBR-I there’s little beacons that will also trigger a tour while you’re in the museum,” Norman said.  

Visitors can take their private cars out to the museum or get on a bus from INL for a one hour guided tour. There is no fee for the bus ride or for entrance to the museum. For more information visit INL’s website.