It takes a special "something" for TV shows to last for more than five seasons in this day in age. 

In this episode of "The Spot" our hosts discuss that "something" that comes with special guest host, Natalia Hepworth, who is part of her own podcast "Talktail Parties" where she and another host discuss every season of "The Bachelor" episode by episode. 

There are many different personalities that make the show interesting. Whether they anticipate it or not, there are "heroes/heroines" and "villains"  just like any story. However, ultimately it is up to the Bachelor to decide the fate of the contestants. These roles seem to continue to attract viewers with each season and the variations of the show like "Bachelor in Paradise". 

Whatever "it" is, The Bachelor seems to work and the combinations just keep coming and so do the viewers and conversations. 

Be sure to check out Hepworth's podcast