Casey Spence, a student here at BYU-Idaho, has a unique talent that he brought with him from Pennsylvania. It's called Book Folding, where he creates 3d words that result in popping out of the book itself. It eventually became a little side business.  

"It a little side business you could say, it's really just a form of art, and I mean I'm not super artistic by any means" said Spence,  " But it's something that I started doing when I got back from the mission".

He mainly starts creating them when it's almost time for the holidays, such as Valentines, Christmas, and etc. Depending what the people want on their book, determines what size of book he needs to get. The price varies from $40-$100 depending on the size, book, and time.

"I usually go for the Twilight books, those are the best books when it comes to folding", said Spence. "For a three to four letter word, it usually takes me three hours."

If anyone wants a present or a gift idea, Casey Spence is the guy to contact. His advertisements are in the book store, or you could contact him through his Instagram account, bookfolding_art.