A southeast Idaho woman is working to change how people see themselves, for the better.

"We're made to be great," Tami Hymas, founder of BeUtofullness told BYU-Idaho Radio. "We use fear to let us settle and that's not okay."

This discrepancy between potential and the realization of that potential is what's driven Tami Hymas to start her organization BeUtofullness where she tells people "we are all exactly, differently the same." Hymas has given a TED talk, written columns, authored a book and now she's adding a large event to her list.

"This BeUtofullness event is to help you discover how you are made so that you can discover what you were meant to be," Hymas said. "A lot of us just put things on like clothes and hair and makeup and we do okay, but we don't necessarily know what's best for us. This whole event is to help discover who you are, but not only that - empower you."

While the event is tailored to women, the formula Hymas teaches applies to men too. 

"It's for everybody,"  Gustavo Iglézia, who organized the event, told BYU-Idaho Radio. "We're starting with the event focusing on women so we can focus on everybody and be very specific to how we help people."

Hymas also added her first book focused on teaching women her formula for beauty and self-acceptance, but that an upcoming book she's writing will take the same formula and tailor it to men.

The event is Saturday, November 18th at the Woodman Ballroom in Rexburg from 10 am to 2:30 pm. 

You can listen to the full interview below.