Pioneer day is just around the corner and the Sons of Utah Pioneer's Upper Snake River Valley chapter is putting on an event focused on educators.

The event will be held on July 23, at 7 pm at the Rexburg Idaho North Stake Center. The title of the program is "Our Pioneer and Pioneering Educators-Teachers Who Made a Difference."

Doug Ladle, a volunteer with the Sons of Utah who is in charge of the event said the importance of education was a big reason they wanted to focus on teachers.

"We have a lot of pioneers who are honored, but we've never really focused on one group who have pioneered many things in this valley, and that's the educators," said Ladle. "I thought 'Let's honor the pioneer and pioneering educators that have made a difference in this valley." 

Guest speakers will include Lane Hemming, Donna Jean Kinghorn, Jim Gee, and Senator Brent Hill.

Ladle said the Sons of Utah have been running a campaign where anyone can participate in honoring their favorite teachers from the area.

"People have had a chance to nominate teachers that they've had in either Sugar Salem School District, Madison School District, Ricks College or BYU-Idaho, who made a difference," said Ladle. "We've had about 180 or so nominations come in so far."

More information about the event and how to nominate educators can be found on the Sons of Utah Pioneers website

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