Sister Wendy Harris invited people to focus more on spiritual connections during her devotional on Tuesday, October 24.

"We need to control those things that invade our spiritual connections and choose what matters most," Sister Wendy Harris, a faculty member in the Home and Family Department at BYU-Idaho told BYU-Idaho Radio. "That's the bottom line, what should matter most and make sure that we're allowing what matters most to really be the focus in our lives."

Spiritual connections, Harris says, can easily be overlooked when other distractions like online connections are more appealing and always begging for our attention.

"Don't just ingest whatever comes your way via text, email, data feeds, streams, and notifications," Harris said quoting Ryan Holmes' BYU Devotional. "Make a conscious choice. You decide what, when, and how you are going to interact digitally. ... Don't get trapped in a compulsion loop that keeps you from important tasks and people right in front of you."

Ultimately, Harris says, by making spiritual connections a priority, people can use both the spiritual connections and other temporal connections to further the work of the Lord and personal testimony.

You can listen to the full devotional below.