Sister Melanie Walker, the Facilities Services Manager for BYU-Idaho, expressed messages of hope and strength during the BYU-Idaho devotional on Tuesday, October 3. 

The talk included many personal stories from Walker's life, including the loss of two of her children. 

"For me, this loss was full of many tender mercies, and spiritual experiences," Sister Melanie Walker, the Facilities Services Manager for BYU-Idaho said in her devotional. "Some are too sacred to share, but I will tell you this, I came to know the Comforter personally, and I know there is life after death, and that our Heavenly Father is in all the workings of our lives."

Walker says the decision to share stories so personal to her came right after she was asked to give the devotional.

"It wasn't necessarily that it was my topic, it was just what instantly came to my mind is conversion in the furnace of affliction or fires of affliction," Walker told BYU-Idaho Radio. "What better way to talk about that stuff than to, I guess, share your own experiences of your own fires of affliction and the conversion process that I myself have been through choices I have made during those times of trial."

Ultimately, Walker says, enduring through trials is best accomplished by drawing near to Heavenly Father and trusting trials will be consecrated for the good of those who suffer. 

"If my advice could go out to anyone it's, stay close to your Father in Heaven, make your stumbling blocks your stepping stones because they very much can be made into that," Walker said. "Your trials are sanctified to your good and will help strengthen you for future events or future ways that Heavenly Father might want to use you."