This is The Spot, a production from BYU-Idaho Radio, where we talk about what you're talking about at BYU-Idaho.

This week's episode we talk about movies that are coming out in December. Student reporters Sydney Jensen, Dale Spaulding and Myles Primm get together and play "See or Skip". Dale reads plots to movies that are coming out and Sydney and Myles try to guess what the movie is and decide if they will see it or skip it.

But don't let us have all the fun! We want you to play with us. Be sure to tweet using the hashtag #thespot so that you can let us know what movies you will "see or skip" for the last month of this year.

You can tweet us individually and be sure to share what you would like to hear about our future episodes for the 2018 year.

Sydney Jensen - @JensenSJ

Dale Spaulding - @SpauldingSpree

Myles Primm - @PrimmNews