BYU-Idaho Radio sat down with Santa Claus to talk about the 2017 Christmas preparations under way at the North Pole. 

Below are some the questions we asked and the answers he gave:

Q: How are preprations going this year?

A: Well, they're going excellent. The elves have been so busy. They've outdone themselves this year. They've been building toys, wrapping toys, painting toys before they wrap them, testing toys, that's they're favorite thing! They love to test every piece of toy that they make. Sometimes we have mishaps, but they're cleanable...the elves. Things are going well. We've got a good stockpile of toys for the good boys and girls and we have a good pile of coal for the handful of bad boys and girls. 

Q: Do the reindeer have to do any extra training or preparation for Christmas Eve?

A: Yes, they do and they have a strict diet that they're on. They eat a lot of oats and they do exercise a lot, they have to get really good at bouncing so they can get a good take off and they have to be in unison, because if they're not unified, they don't fly as well and sometimes it takes us a little longer and sometimes we hit the tops of trees and they don't like that...it doesn't tickle [their hooves] all the time.

Q: Are there any projections of Mrs. Claus helping deliver gifts with you this year?

A: She likes to be a little bit incognito at times when she does that. We do, do things together, but she likes to go out and see how people are receiving the Christmas spirit and how ready they are and she does love children, so she likes to get out and about with that. But, we're very busy. This time of year, we pretty much stay as close to home as we can.

You can listen to the full interview below.