"It's the number one emergency, at any given time," said Charlene Campbell, the executive director of Safe Haven Emergency Villages. "Babies come, no matter what's going on."

Safe Haven Emergency Villages is a non-profit organization that helps serve the community of Rexburg and surrounding areas to be prepared for any type of emergency situation.

SHEV has three different arms of their organization, Errand of Angels, community outreach hygiene kits and training sites for families.

Campbell, along with Valerie Hall and Mary Harvey, are registered midwives and excel in training others to give birth in different situations. This is the Errand of Angels program. SHEV teaches and trains women and families to assist in childbirth in post-disaster or low-resource situations.

"Our class that we have right now is a three-hour, CPR style class with half film and half scenario, role-play," Campbell said. "We are teaching that to groups of women from 18 and up who would like to prepare and be ready in the event of a delivery."

SHEV helps individuals and families understand what to do in situations where a mother does not make it to a hospital and needs to give birth wherever she is.

"People in general are very afraid of child birth in our society and we have absorbed a lot of false notions," Hall said. "Hollywood always has to have drama and so we have a lot of false ideas of how to handle this."

The second arm of SHEV includes the community outreach hygiene kits.

"We put together a family cloth which is an alternative to toilet paper and bio-sustainable in emergencies so a family has those resources," Harvey said. "Mother and baby kits and a birth kit that we put together."

SHEV's third arm is different training sites for families to visit and learn how to implement an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living in their homes. These training site are currently being developed.

More information on Safe Haven Emergency Villages can be found on their website or on their Facebook page.

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