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When it comes to events in the Rexburg area, Jackie Rawlins is the woman to talk to. 

Rawlins said this biggest event coming up this summer is the Teton Storytelling and Arts Festival. 

"Storytelling is not your 'once upon a time', or reading a book, or acting out a book. Storytelling is where they take a story that has some truth to it and then add upon it," said Rawlins. "They take you on this ride."

The festival will be held on August 19, 2017 during the Eclipse week. It will be located on the grass field behind Broulims. 

"Really what we wanted to do was just open it up to as many people as we can," said Rawlins. "It's an art form that most people have never been able to enjoy. As the Cultural Arts Director for the city that's really what I'm trying to do, is to bring a variety of things to the community."

While waiting for the excitement from this festival and the eclipse, there will be free outdoor concerts every Wednesday evening through the month of July. 

"They typically are at the Tabernacle but with the new pavilion that's going to be at Porter Park, a few of the artists are going to go and perform there," said Rawlins. "We thought that would be a great way to introduce people to this event because its' right there on the corner for people who may not know about it or hear about it they'll be able to see it and participate in that."

More information on the Teton Storytelling and Art Festival can be found on their website or on The Venues Facebook Page.

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