Dozens of entrepreneurs to be will be going head-to-head in an economic competition called Startup Weekend Rexburg this month.

"Startup Weekend really is helping people take their ideas and learn how to take that idea and actually do something with it, create a product or a service or whatever that might be," Scott Johnson, the Director of Economic Development in Rexburg, old BYU-Idaho Radio. 

Johnson says the weekend usually involves 60 to 100 people, any of which can pitch an idea. Those ideas are later voted on by attendees and then the best are picked to be further fleshed out and developed. 

"They work for the next two days straight," Johnson said. "They get to validate [their idea]...if it's good, we teach them how to go through and make an MVP, or minimum viable product. If it's not so good...we teach them how to pivot...and by pivoting means making changes to their idea and move forward, make an MVP."

The competition ends with awards and prizes, but Johnson says the real value comes in being able to teach people of all ages how to navigate entrepreneurship. 

Startup Weekend takes place on from October 26 to the 28. Full details are available here.

You can listen to the full interview below.