The Rexburg Police Department is encouraging people to participate in their local event for National Prescription Take Back Day on Saturday, October 28.

"What we don't like seeing is [old prescriptions] left on your cupboard," Lieutenant Colin Erickson told BYU-Idaho Radio. "People don't understand, they just leave them in the counter, they just leave them in the cupboard and figure that's proper, that's where they leave them. We want to get them out of there. If you're not going to use them, bring them in and let us take them back."

Erickson says when people leave old prescriptions in their homes, the drugs can fall into the wrong hands. 

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, "6.4 million Americans abused controlled prescription drugs. The [2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health] shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet."

But, Erickson says properly disposing of prescription drugs isn't just about protecting family members and friends, it's also about protecting your home. Often, he says, people will break into homes to raid the medicine cabinet of old prescriptions - turning old prescription owners into potential robbery victims.

The best course of action, Erickson says, is to bring old prescription drugs to the take-back day for anonymous and free disposal. 

"No questions asked, no information to fill out," Erickson said. 

You can listen to the full interview below.