BYU Noteworthy is known for their a capella renditions of classic pop songs as well as LDS hymns.

The group recently performed at BYU-Idaho and the halls were packed with eager fans waiting for the performance with lines wrapping up and down, tickets in hand.

In the dressing rooms, the performers added some last minute touches to makeup, sprayed some more hairspray, and warmed up their voices for the show. It is not every day that they are on stage, but when they are, they're ready.

Like any college student, the members of Noteworthy are busy. They're studying, participating in societies and clubs, working multiple jobs, playing on intramural teams and then participating in Noteworthy rehearsals. During that time, they are not learning parts but rather, actually rehearsing their songs. It is each member's responsibility to learn their part outside of rehearsals.

The performers also learn choreography and other various pointers for their individual parts. Each year Noteworthy auditions are conducted. They are in two waves, one is a performance setting where they sing with other members of Noteworthy. The second part consists of an interview with all current Noteworthy members as well as their director for an interview to determine their commitment to the group.

You can follow their schedule and listen to their music on their youtube channel.