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A BYU-Idaho student has opened a new gym in Idaho Falls and it's not quite what you would expect.

Lehi Bennion said he has been practicing and training in Parkour for eight years and has wanted to help others find themselves through the sport by opening Streamline Parkour. 

"It was always my dream to own my own gym," said Bennion. "My main hope is really to empower the youth in this area... in the same way it empowered me."

Bennion said his Parkour training has made him a better person.

"As I've trained, it's taught me balance, it's taught me that focus, it's taught me control and precision," said Bennion. "It changed my entire outlook on everything."

Bennion describes Parkour as a sport that takes a lot of mental focus and precision. 

"It's a combination of running, jumping, balance, climbing and just a million other techniques that involve precision and efficiency," said Bennion. "A lot of people when they hear about a Parkour gym they think of it more as a fun zone like I-Jump or Gravity Factory, but it's really more of a sport. That's really what we are focused on is building a community of people who have something they want to improve in."

More information about Streamline Parkour can be found on their website or Facebook Page

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