The City of Idaho Falls and the Idaho Falls Police Department recently welcomed Bryce Johnson as their newest police chief.

"Idaho Falls is a little bigger than I remember," Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson told BYU-Idaho Radio. "It's not so little anymore...it's far more cosmopolitan of an area than I remember it being."

Johnson filled a vacancy created when the former Idaho Falls Police Chief announced his retirement. Johnson has been serving in law enforcement for 25 years and moved to Idaho Falls from Juno, Alaska. He also spent several years working in law enforcement in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Now, in his new role in a new town, Johnson says the caliber of the Idaho Falls Police Department is quite impressive.

"We have a really great bunch of people at the Idaho Falls Police Department," Johnson said. "They're really good people at every level. They work hard, they want to do well, they've done well. So, I'm very encouraged by the caliber of people here, they're outstanding." 

In his first month as the new police chief, Johnson says it's been great to see the Idaho Falls community come out to support local law enforcement, most recently at the Policeman's Ball. 

"The community is great," Johnson said. "We just went to the Policeman's Ball...it was just so much fun to see all the community members out there supporting the officers."

Now, Johnson says, local law enforcement is gearing up to host

You can listen to the full interview below.