Singer-songwriter Mat Kearney performed for the Rexburg community last Friday.

In a conversation with BYU-Idaho radio, Kearney said he was lucky to be popular right now but everything he's accomplished has been because of his dedication and love for music. 

Kearney helped one of his friends drive to Nashville, Tennessee and in exchange he got to record a few songs. Even though the plan was to stay in Nashville for only one month, he stayed longer creating music until he signed his first big contract.

Kearney said, "All of this happened because I loved it. It's one of those things I would've rather being in the studio writing a song than watching a movie or something. Five albums later and I'm still doing it."

Kearney described passion as a key element is his successful career as a musician. He said that there are many talented people out there waiting for their chance to become big in the music industry but for him adoring and loving his work was the difference.

When asked about his future projects, Kearney said he's working on a new album which will have both electronic and organic moments. He loves the idea of evolving and changing sounds. His new upcoming album will have a different sounds compared to his popular "Nothing Left to Lose' or his recent "Just Kids."

Kearney said his so far the album he's working on is pretty good and he's proud of it.

You can find Kearney's latest album Just Kids on his website, Facebook, ITunes, Spotify, Apple music and Google play music.  

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