The Madison Girls' Soccer team recently announced their new head coach, Jaymon Birch.

Birch played soccer when he was younger but didn't compete until after serving a mission for the LDS Church. 

"I played a lot as a younger kid, we didn't really have a full competition team in high school. They did have a team when I was a junior or senior but by then I was already committed to track and cross-country," said Birch. "I ended up going on a mission to Portugal and rekindled that flame I guess you could say and ever since then I've played."

Birch played soccer at Ricks College and Utah State after his mission and the love of the game continued to grow. 

Birch has been around the Madison Girls' Soccer program here and there with his three daughters and he has been able to coach many of the girls in different club and summer leagues.

"I've watched the neighborhood girls play and kind of know the program a little bit," said Birch.

The team finished first in the district last year and had a chance to play a few games in the state tournament. Birch said he hopes to take first place again but that it might be tough.

"We're going to be a pretty young team. We lost a great class of seniors. We've got some great seniors coming in and juniors but a lot of our players or going to be sophomores and freshman," said Birch. "It's going to be a commitment to get those players working together as a team I think."

Although it may seem difficult, Birch said his coaching philosophy is based around one specific thing: having fun.

"My number one rule is it has to be fun," said Birch. "When I say that it doesn't mean we don't want to win or do anything else, but with all the different teams that I've coached or played on, the winning doesn't come if you're not having fun."  

Tryouts for this year's team will be held on August 7-9 from 6-8 pm at Madison Middle School. You can find more information on their website.

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