Chances are, students will do almost anything to get out of a few hours of school, but the students at Madison Middle School in Rexburg, Idaho decided to take a few hours off for a chance to help people who have become victims of natural disasters.

"It's a great day to be alive in Rexburg," Rexburg Mayor Jerry Merrill told BYU-Idaho Radio. 

Merrill joined the first shift of about 400 students who walked laps around the Madison Middle School field raising money for natural disaster relief. Each lap is sponsored by various amounts of pledged donations and by the end of the event, the money goes straight to the LDS Humanitarian Fund. 

"Looking out over the kids, it just feels right," Madison Middle School principal Michael Bone told BYU-Idaho Radio. "With these disasters having happened so far away from us...it's nice to be able to help in southeast Idaho to do our part."

You can listen to the full story below.