The Madison High School Football team has been working hard in the off-season and are getting ready for another year.

Mitch Buck has been coaching since 1978 and has been around the Madison program since 1993. He said he has enjoyed coaching the Bobcats and hopes to continue having great success.

"We've been consistently pretty challenging. We've made it to the semi-finals, made it to the State Championship," said Buck. "The fun thing about is they're all upbeat kids, they do a really good job, they support what you're trying to do and they've been a really great bunch of guys to coach."

Buck says when it comes to motivation, the kids don't get it from him but from themselves. 

"They're young and energetic and they love football. They like to compete in the summer time and they like to compete in the fall," said Buck. "You just open the door a little bit and they have opportunities and they'll get things going and rolling."

The team will be headed to Boise for a 7-on-7 tournament on Friday, July 14, 2017, and will be putting on a camp of their own when they get back. The Great Scott's Youth Football Camp will be July 17-19 at Madison High School. 

"They're going to wear me out," said Buck. "Camps are always fun, but they wear you out. We go all day long and by the end of that week, the coaches are really tired.

Anyone can register for the camp the day of. The camp will be split into three age groups. The mornings will be for the younger kids, mid-day will be set aside for middle school age kids and the high school team will practice in the evenings. More information about the camp can be found on Madison's Athletics website.

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