A new album called "Peace in the City" features popular LDS hymns sung with a slightly different approach.

Luanne Asta, who is originally from Canada, has been living in New York City for six years. While there, she said she found peace while going to church, visiting the temple and listening to church hymns. 

"The Church is really interesting in New York. The members are so strong because there's not a lot of us," said Asta. "The hymns have really played a huge part of bringing me peace in different times. So I really just use them so many times just to sort of take me to a calm place, so that's where this album came from."

Asta, a convert to the Church, said the hymns were a big part of her gaining her own testimony.

"Right away I learned to love the LDS hymns," said Asta. "They just really were very much a part of my conversion and I really got super intimate with the hymns as time progressed as a member of the Church."

"Peace in the City" is Asta's first album released for a long time. She has a vast musical background with roots in opera and country music. She is also a music teacher. The CD was released on June 30, 2017, and features songs like Our Savior's Love, How Gentle God's Commands, and Be Still My Soul. You can find the CD on Asta's website as well as on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

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