Thousands of miles away from the destruction and flooding of Hurricane Harvey, a local charity is going to work collecting donations to send to the victims of the storm. 

Rexburg for Refugees, a southeast Idaho charity, has set up a donation account at Idaho Central Credit Union, saying 100 percent of the donations will go to the victims of Harvey through various charities like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and others.

"Here, in this case, these people in Houston, they are refugees," said Emmilie Whitlock, the founder of Rexburg for Refugees. "They've been driven from their homes. They can't return to them at the moment because half of them are under water...a refugee to me is anyone that just is displaced and in need of some succoring." 

While many people often find themselves wanting to donate food, clothing and other more physical items, Whitlock says it's more important to make monetary donations. 

"I think when something like Hurricane Harvey happens, the mindset that people have is 'oh, they've lost everything, so they need anything,'" Whitlock said. "That's not really the case because there's a systematic process that happens in rebuilding a city like Houston and rebuilding lives...[by sending money], you're supporting local businesses and the local economy there. So, really for us here in Idaho, the best thing to do is to send cash." 

Donations can be made at Idaho Central Credit Union under the Rexburg for Refugees donation account or for those who are unable to go to Idaho Central Credit Union, donations can be made through the account and routing number.

Donation Account Number: 716399188

ICCU Routing Number: 324173626

You can listen to the full interview below.