The Society Comedy Troupe returned to BYU-Idaho for another show on campus.

The hour long improv show featured some well known celebrities in the LDS community like Kirby Heyborne and Corbin Allred. Both starring in films like "Saints and Soldiers" "The Best Two Years" and "The RM".

Along with the group was Kelly Lohman and Adam Gedeborg a fellow actor and improv pianist respectively the group makes their show based off of nothing with only minimal preparations.

Impromptu comedy is based on making the joke up on the spot to help move a scene forward. The Troupe takes that style to the next level by improving an entire musical solely based off of a topic from an audience member.

With Heyborne, Allred, and Lohman all having experience in musical theatre their improv show makes it look flawless. Each assume a role that helps carry the story and oftentimes make fun of themselves if they get too "out there" with their characters.

Whether you're a fan of improv comedy or not, there is a certain element and feel to the show that captivates and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.