After more than three decades of service, regional conservation educator Gregg Losinski announced his retirement this coming April. Losinski worked as the director of student activities at Idaho State University for nine years prior to working with the Idaho Fish and Game Department, and has delivered countless workshops, classes, and seminars to teachers and students about wildlife conservation in his career.

"I have basically been a non-traditional educator for the last 34-and-a-half years," Losinski said. "Over the last number of decades I've spoken easily to tens of thousands of students, but more importantly I've taught workshops to over a thousand teachers."

Losinski expressed his love for wildlife and wildlife conservation, but couldn't have imagined that he would be the public voice and primary communicator for so many years. "I was first trained to be a park ranger, so I learned all my plants and animals and things like that. The whole education thing came out of nowhere, so to speak, and it's really been something that I've enjoyed and been able to focus on not just here in America, but worldwide."

You can listen to the whole interview below.