The Idaho Falls, Idaho LDS Temple is scheduled to be rededicated on Sunday, June 4 in three sessions. Before the rededication, local youth have prepared a cultural celebration filled with singing and dancing.

Doyle Batt, the local coordinator for the Idaho Falls Temple open house, cultural celebration and rededication, said the entire planning process of each event has been long but he is excited about the outcome.

"Our first meeting was in October of last year where the script was written and had to be approved by the church," said Batt. "A lot of planning has gone into it all."

Over 11,000 youth have signed up to participate in the cultural celebration titled "Temple by the River-Reflections." The youth will be singing and dancing all while wearing specially made costumes.

"They ordered more than 27 miles worth of cloth to be cut up and made into costumes," said Batt. "That's long enough to get from Idaho Falls to Blackfoot."

There are many music directors throughout the area helping with the celebration and many stakes and wards have been practicing to make it an enjoyable event for everyone. Batt said he expects to see the 11,000 youth on the floor and another 11,000 in the audience. 

Much of the program is focused on events happening in the area when the temple was first built such as how the early saints brought water into the valley, how the temple was built during the war and there will even be a song all about potatoes.

"There will be a song about potatoes. It's a little catchy and the kids have had a fun time learning it," said Batt.

The 70-minute cultural celebration will be on Saturday, June 3 at Holt Arena in Pocatello at 7 p.m. It will also be available online. Anyone interested in watching the online stream should talk with their church leaders.

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