The Idaho Falls Symphony is inviting audiences to "feel the connection," in their 2017 performance line-up.

Thomas Heuser, music director for the symphony, says this year's event, entitled "Feel the Connection," has something everyone will enjoy from the biggest Mozart fan to Harry Potter and Star Wars enthusiasts. 

"Whether you're a first-time listener or a seasoned listener, there's a concert for everyone this year," Thomas Heuser, music director for the Idaho Falls Symphony, told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Each year we want to include new music, music that's very familiar to people, music that's maybe more adventurous, music that's more popular so that we do have a season that offers something for listeners of all kinds."

Heuser says this year taps into that goal especially with some concerts more reverent and soft like their first concert "Celebration and Reverant," while others give praise to composer John Williams or the quick themes of Latin American and Spanish composers in "Latin Nights!"

"I would challenge them to give it a try," Heuser said. "The experience of the symphony is more than just the music, it's really a visual and an experience for the audience because you see this group of musicians 80 strong, all coming together and moving in unison, playing in unison, having a real concerted effort to emote these great themes and emotions...it's a very powerful experience."

The Idaho Falls Symphony 2017 schedule is available here. Heuser says students get half off ticket process anywhere in the theater. 

You can listen to the full interview below.