An officer from the Idaho Falls Police Department recently graduated from the FBI Academy in Virginia.

Lieutenant Steven Poulter is one of 18 officers from Idaho Falls to attend the academy since 1952 and waited six years for the opportunity to attend. 

"The entire community benefits when one of our own receives advanced training," Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper said in a press release. "The skills and insights Lt. Poulter brings back will be used in service to the department and will ideally help to shape future department and community leaders. I look forward to sending more members of the department as their careers mature and as department resources allow."

Lt. Poulter said in addition to the training and instruction he received along with over 220 other attendees, he learned a valuable lesson about how law enforcement works across the world. 

"One thing I found out was that police work was the same wherever you went," Lieutenent Steven Poulter told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Whether it was New York, Florida or a great young man I met there was from Egypt, they have the same challenges, same problems and they...get the same fulfillment that we do here. There's just a lot of commonality, the only thing that varies is just the size of the agency."

You can listen to Lt. Poulter's full interview about the academy below.