For their 11th year, the Idaho Falls Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Center is inviting the public to participate in their annual fundraiser, "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes."

The event takes place on September 19 at 6:00 pm and puts men in a pair of high heels for a one-mile walk as a statement of support in the effort to stop domestic and sexual abuse. 

"This is one opportunity where this is really an event for the men to get out and show their support and help raise awareness and raise some money while doing good in the community," Cory Meyer, a volunteer at the Idaho Falls Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, told BYU-Idaho Radio. 

Men and women can participate, but it's the men who don the heels in the walk, often sponsored by several people and donations for the event. 

"We're walking through the streets of Idaho Falls, downtown, and people will stop and watch the walkers by and we have anywhere from 40 - 70 walkers typically," Joann Hess, an advocate with the Idaho Falls Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, said. 

Walkers also carry banners, wear their work attire during the walk and are also encouraged to walk with someone in mind.

"We're hoping that they're walking for their wives, daughters, mothers, you know, girlfriends, sisters, whomever, but that they do think about who they're walking for," Hess said.

Meyer says no matter whether or not people have experienced abuse themselves, there's always a reason to walk and support the battle against domestic and sexual violence. 

"You know, I have two daughters, I'm married, I have two sisters, I am a friend, a coworker and...we all know people that have been or are currently being abused in some form or fashion," Meyer said. "For me and my family, this is very important and something that we want to make sure people are aware of and know that it's not okay, but there's also help there too."

Participants must bring a donation of $45 to register. The $45 donation can be comprised of several smaller donations. Full event information is available here.

You can listen to the full interview below.