The Idaho Falls Arts Council is bringing a new production to Idaho Falls, allowing patrons to view some of London, England's best performances right from the heart of the southeastern Idaho city.

The program is called National Theater Live and brings performances from London, England onto the big screen for locals in southeast Idaho. 

"We're always looking for new ways for people to have experiences with art," Brandi Newton, Executive Director for the Idaho Falls Arts Council told BYU-Idaho Radio. "We're lucky enough to have a lot of Broadway shows, but not everyone wants to see a show with music throughout and dancing, so this was a way for us to connect our community with a theater company out of London, England that does pretty much the most premiere productions of theater available called National Theater Live."

Newton says unlike the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD program, where patrons must show up to the theater at the same time patrons across the country must be in their seats, a three hour difference for some, National Theater Live allows patrons to come to the showing in the evening and experience a recorded version of the production.

"It's not a movie," Newton said. "It is a recorded version of the play that we can show here in the states so that our patrons can have the experience of being there...you're in the stage environment, these are housed over in our ARTitorium on Broadway, there's a small theater up there, so you get to still have the comforts of a squishy chair and a cupholder, you get to have live theater without the expense of travel."

The first showing kicks off with a production on October 6, featuring some of England's most renowned actors, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. A full schedule can be found here.

You can listen to the full interview below.