We live in a digital era where much of our lives exist online. More people are falling victim to identity theft than ever before.

The Better Business Bureau recently wrote an article about the importance of having a strong and secure password. Samantha Gillihan, from the BBB, said in an interview that many people's passwords could be stronger and they are at risk of identity theft.

"You may have a dozen or more separate accounts, if they all have easy to guess passwords, easy for a software looking for patterns for them to figure out, or the same password you're really setting yourself up to put all of your accounts on display for anyone who can figure out that one password," said Gillihan.

BBB offers ideas and ways people can be safe when it comes to a secure password.

"Make you passwords long and it's recommended that you make it a phrase," said Gillihan. "Everyone hates this, but you should (also) have a unique password for every account."

Gillihan also said changing your passwords frequently will keep your accounts and information safe.

"We recommend you write them down somewhere," said Gillihan, "don't keep it with your computer, don't keep it with your phone, but do write them down."

With the many technology advances, hackers are savvier and have an easier time getting into people's computers, which makes it extra important to keep your passwords safe.

"The hackers are in your computer, they're not in your living room so it's okay to write them down somewhere so you don't forget," said Gillihan.

Idaho has seen an increase of scams and identity theft in recent months from simple password issues.

"An identity is stolen every two seconds, that's a lot of people," said Gillihan. "Chances are it's not if you'll get hacked, it's when you'll get hacked."

Gillihan and the BBB encourage everyone to take proper steps now to minimize any damage that could come from getting hacked.

"You never know when Yahoo has been breached, Gmail has been breached," said Gillihan. "There's a lot of places that have been breached and it may be your turn next so it's best to plan for that."

If you have been hacked be sure to report it immediately to the host and change your password. For more information about how to create a strong and secure password visit the Better Business Bureau's website.

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