Many people search for seasonal work during the summer months and the Better Business Bureau wants to help people avoid scammers when looking for summer work.

Samantha Gillihan from the BBB says scammers are always out there and it's important we are alert and cautious. 

"Scammers are always looking for that opportunity to cast a wide net and pull a lot of people in and seasonal hiring is one of them," said Gillihan. "Scammers know people are out there looking for jobs so one of the things they do, is they put out job postings...that don't require an interview or application to hire and that's one of the big red flags."

Gillihan says sometimes it's difficult to tell what job postings are real and which are not.

"One of the things you can do is go through the listing and if they're asking for fees up front, that's a fed flag," said Gillihan. "Most businesses will pay for your training and your background check and things like that. Anything that sounds really too good to be true... it's probably not a real job, so stay clear of things like that."

If someone discovers they have been scammed or their identity has been stolen, Gillihan said the best thing to do is notify your bank and any other companies or businesses with your information. More information about how to avoid scammers can be found on the Better Business Bureau's website

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