Help International's goal is to "empower people to fight global poverty through sustainable, life-changing development programs." Offering Internships in six different countries, students are able to hone their abilities depending on their major to help end poverty where they are serving.

The Organization works with other non profit organizations on projects specific to the needs of the people in the country as well as the majors of the volunteers. To volunteer, an application must be filled out followed by an interview with a member of Help International.

"We work with these organizations so that when we leave, the projects will keep continuing on," said Lia Bathckoff the Rexburg Regional Representative for Help International. "We try to work with the interns and volunteers on a one on one basis and be like, 'what are you passionate about?'"

Students are able to pick the country they want to serve in and are even allowed internship credit if they do an internship of at least eight weeks. Batchkoff recently returned from Peru where she participated in a number of projects while in the area.

"Anything from child labor, women's health, domestic violence, English, health screenings to indigenous populations, special needs children who are out in the rural areas," said Batchkoff. "At the end of the whole experience I had realized that they had a new love for something that was good for them."

For anyone considering volunteering can sign up at help-international.org.

"If you've ever had a dream or the slightest interest in serving abroad or just populations that are in need, I feel like that's not a desire that comes out of thin air," said Batchkoff. "I would say to follow it."