Make sure to take pictures and videos of The Great American Eclipse on August 21.

Google's Making and Science Team, as well as UC Berkeley, are combining thousands of videos by everyday people of the eclipse and all are welcome to participate in the project. 

Jon Paul Johnson, a faculty member in the Physics Department at BYU-Idaho plans to participate and said there is no photography skill needed to contribute.

"Part of the reason why I wanted to be a part of the eclipse mega movie project is they have great resources for helping you know what camera settings to set. Getting a check list and knowing at different parts of the eclipse it goes from partial to full to partial," said Johnson.

The videos will be put together to create a continuous view of the total eclipse. Johnson also said these datasets will far exceed what any one person could capture from a single location.

"I hope that being out and taking data and pictures won't take away from the experience of just seeing this awesome sight," said Johnson.

More information about the project can be found on the Eclipse Mega Movie website.