If you're looking for an opportunity to see a ghost this Fall, try going to Idaho Falls.

"Ghost Walk" tours in the city provide a historical learning experience at "entertainment value"

"We tell you the history of the buildings, the mysteries attached to it, and any ghost stories that are attached to it," said Kathy Nave, one of the tour guides. "We're definitely not a haunted house."

The tour is a 90-minute walk around downtown Idaho Falls with a guide explaining various locations that have been known to have a history of hauntings. Old theatres, brothels, and hotels are on the list of the tour and it is possible to see a ghost or two.

"Some people have seen a ghost," said Nave. "Some have not."

The tours started when Nave, who is also a psychic, was told different stories about different locations in Idaho Falls. After about a year of research, she decided to start giving tours herself.

The tour is $15 a person and starts at 7:30 p.m. from June to September 9. After that, you will need to make reservations for a tour. For more information, you can go to their Facebook page Ghost Walk Downtown.

Nave wants people to remember this is not a haunted house. There are no special effects or people who will jump out and scare you.